Las Vegas Studio Arts Tour

20150908_165656_resized_1 20150908_165703_resized_1Thank you for looking at my latest work. It will be for sale at Rough Rider Antiques in Las Vegas, NM this weekend September 12th and 13th during the annual Las Vegas Studio Arts Tour. Rough Rider Antiques is across the street from the Castañeda Hotel which will feature several local artists.

A big thanks to California Poppy patron, Nancy Otto, for giving me some broken Fred Harvey dinnerware: Blue Chain, Berkeley (the cherry blossoms) and Encanto. The latter was used at El Tovar, the Grand Canyon’s Fred Harvey hotel.

The tracks continue to call me and I of course am still and forever a Fred Head.

If you’re interested in owning a piece of your own, please contact me at 1(505)-429-3670 or at

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