The Tracks are Calling…

Having studied geology for as long as I did I can’t help but be attracted to the evolution of species. What could be better than the partial animal images of Mary Colter’s Mimbreño to fuel my imagination?

Your mama may have been black but your grand daddy was a dinosaur!

“Evolution Happens”


(Click on an image to view larger.)

All images © Élise Renault 2016

If you’re interested in owning a piece of your own contact me at 1 (505) 429-3670 or email me at
You can also find my work at the following locations: Fred Harvey’s La Posada Hotel in Winslow, AZ; Rough Rider Antiques in Las Vegas, NM; The Plaza Hotelin Las Vegas, NM; and at Santa Fe Antiques and Flea Market @ Valdes in Santa Fe, NM.


2 thoughts on “The Tracks are Calling…

  1. I can’t believe my fabulous piece has been immortalized on your page! I was showing a colleague of mine some samples of your work , and there was the piece you need for me! I’m hsoo, because even if I’m not wearing it, I can always see it on my phone. ( I wonder if I should make it my background/wallpaper😎) Thanks so much, Elise, for your spectacular creativity and craftsmanship!

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